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October 03, 2005


Is there a way to use Bloglines to subscribe to the feed? I just tried adding it to Bloglines and got a message saying "no feeds were found." Since this is a password protected blog, I am guessing the feed can't be read in a reader like Bloglines. This is the feed URL I tried to use:

Any ideas?

What a fabulous idea! Looking forward to this project and hope it takes off!

I was able to subscribe to this blog on Bloglines by entering in the URL line. It looks like you will still have to click on the URL and will be prompted for a login and password once you click the blog. That is, if you choose not to save the login information. Once the password is saved the link takes you directly to the blog. I guess we will see how Bloglines handles this protected blog as more information is posted to it.

Hi, this blog could be helpful as we all transition to 24/7.

Ever since I got to "play" the user/patron for a QP chat demo we did at my library (Science & Engineering at USC), I have been so intrigued with this mode for reference service - it is much more interesting and helpful to the user, with getting various pages pushed to her/him, etc., than it is from the librarian interface.

I will say it is quite a challenge doing collaborative chat reference with other campuses, but we all get better at it as we do it. * I do think we should collectively considering some sorts of disclaimers/explanations re service level for collaborative chat, as one can only go so far in helping someone at another often far-flung campus. * It is a good mode for initial/basic reference service, especially at night and on weekends, but it is not good for answering detailed queries.

Well, probably stating the obvious!

I did want to take the time to comment, though, as I also find blogs an intriguing mode of conversation that could be expanded.

Why is this blog password protected at all? I assume you're not going to be giving us any OCLC trade secrets. Just wondering.

Thanks for putting up the blog though. I think being able to comment and question announcements will be be helpful.

Password protecting the feed is going to make it very dificult for many to read the feed. For example, Bloglines does not handle feed authentication and that's want many people use. To be honest, without being able to read the feed in Bloglines, it will be vistually impossible for me to remember to check for new posts. Please, remove the password.

You can get the feed to work in Bloglines and other non-authenticating aggregators. Just embed the username and password in the URL...

Here's the revised URL that will work:
http://qp:[email protected]/questionpoint_247_referen/index.rdf

I'm still trying to figure out how to subscribe, but the idea is good. We had a demo of the new chat platform at our library a couple of weeks ago and we're intending to go live in March.

I haven't had the time to 'play' with it yet but some of my colleagues have and seem to like it. I think it, like this blog, has potential.

Personally, I like the chat platform as it is so I'll be interested to see if our customers find it more helpful or just more complex.

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