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September 20, 2007



Through the Netherlands Public Library Association, all the Dutch public libraries are licensed to use Question Point for the questions to
We would like to test the latest chatservice qp can offer as soon as possible, to be able to choose the best system for our answering service.

1) Where can I see and test Lightweight Chat 2?
2) When will Lightweight Chat 2 be available in the Netherlands?

Looking forward to your reaction, sincerely, H. de Man, Servicemanager aladin

Hello, H. de Man,

Hopefully one of the OCLC representatives can confirm what I think is true on this. I believe that all QuestionPoint subscribing libraries currently have a Chat2 link that can be made available to their library's customers. To find it, the supervisor would log into QP using their 9-digit login. From the My QuestionPoint screen they would:

1. Go to the --Select Service-- menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Administration."
2. Select "Forms."
3. Select the "Chat 2 (Preview)" tab.

You should then see the URL that your library would use to make the Chat2 interface available to your customers. It looks like this:*****

...except that where the ***** appears would be your library's institution ID.

I hope this helps!


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